Sound Benefit Plans is a West Coast business enterprise. We create and sustain a partnership with our customers, employees and business associates. The hallmarks of our partnership are integrity, openness, mutual respect and accountability.
Our Commitment Is To:
  Our Customers: We are the preferred provider of service by understanding and consistently meeting or exceeding our customer's changing expectations.  
Our Employees: We provide a supportive caring work place with recognition and reward for accomplishment. We create equal opportunities for career development.  
  Our Business Associates: We nurture mutually beneficial long-term relationships.  
Our commitment to this partnership is manifested in the financial stability and sustained growth of its membership. We maintain an entrepreneurial spirit through independence and broad-based employee involvement.  
  Sound Benefit Plans has set a standard of excellence by which others can measure their performance.  
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Contact Information
Western WA:
Ph: 425-741-7099
Fx: 425-741-7098

Eastern WA:
Ph: 509-886-0802
Fx: 509-886-0851